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First of all, we need to say that hospitality was a sacred institution for ancient Greeks. The honour of welcoming and taking care of the strangers. In particular. The ancient Greeks believed with notable interest in the idea of ​​hospitality as it was considered as a moral duty and a holy rule of the gods (Protector of hospitality was Xenios Zeus, Xenius derives of the word xenos which in Greek means foreigner). And that is the reason why the strangers, were considered to be sent by the gods, and they were regarded as sacred persons, honored and respected.

With this in mind, TravelTransfer has been active in the field of people transportation to and from Athens Airport and all over Greece, as well as in the field of tours-excursions with professional tour guides in all the archaeological sites around Greece.

We provide for everyone, every budget and every occasion, a Taxi – Minivan – Minibus in excellent condition as well as reliable partners and experienced drivers, a fact that guarantees a pleasant and safe transportation within Greece.