19 October



Athens Airport (ATH) transfer to/from Mycenes

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The archaeological site of Mycenes is about 90 kilometers southwest of Athens, in the northeastern Peloponnese and was an ancient city across the Argolic Gulf.

Mycenae was one of the largest centers of Greek culture, constituting a powerful military fortress of the southern Greece. The period of Greek history between 1600 BC until 1100 BC. was called “Mycenaean“, referring to Mycenae. At the peak of their glory, in 1350 BC, the castle and the lower city had a population of 30.000 inhabitants on 32 hectares area. Book Transfer Online

Today there is a small village of Mycenae (called Harvati during the Turkish occupation) and the ruins of the Acropolis, that reminiscent the distant and glorious eras of the past. Today two of the most royal burials that succeeded to survive are part of the extensive prehistoric cemetery.