Instructions Arrival/Departure

Instructions upon your arrival from the airport or port

If your transfer is from the airport, our driver will be waiting for you with a sign with your name on it as in the picture:

A) In waiting hall after luggage area (Airport). If for some reason you can’t find the driver then please go to the meeting point at exit 3 inside of building. Please check your sms/whatsapp.

B) Outside the ship (Port)

Don’t worry if your flight or ship is delayed because we track all flights and ships.
Please let us know only if your flight or ship is cancelled.

***We tracking your flight/ship number***

If for any reason you do not find our driver with the sign, please contact this phone number to help you immediately +306974437017. This may happen in the summer season when there are too many people at the gate and you may not see our guide.
Please call us immediately on the phone above and walk 30-40 meters to exit 3 and wait for us on the inner side (inside the airport) so that our driver can find you easily.

Departure from Hotel or Apartment​

From Hotel:
Our driver will be there at the prearranged time and he will enter the hotel at the reception to find you.
From Apartment:
You must be at the exit of the apartment at the predetermined time. When our driver is there he will call you or send you a message on WhatsApp.

Delay in departure from hotel or apartment of more than 10 minutes will be charged 30€/hour from the first minute.

For any problem or delay on your part, please contact us at the phone number.

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