Unlocking Convenience: Hassle-Free Athens Airport Transfer to Beautiful Kalamata

Athens Airport Transfer to Kalamata

For your transportation needs between Athens Airport (ATH) and Kalamata, we offer top-notch transfer services with clear pricing in the market. Say goodbye to long waiting times at the airport or anywhere else. Enjoy a seamless and comfortable journey. Don’t miss out on our special discount for return bookings.

Kalamata is a city of southwestern Peloponnese, capital of the Prefecture of Messinia and port of southern mainland Greece. Kalamata has a population of 54.100 inhabitants, while the municipality of Kalamata has a population of 69.849, according to the 2011 Census.

The city is built at the foot of the mountain “Basket” (on the edge of Taygetos), in the heart of the Messinian Gulf. It is 223 km far from Athens, 215 km far from Patra and 715 km far from Thessaloniki.

Every day more than 50.000 people come to work in the city from the wider urban center of neighboring cities, such as Asprochoma, Messina, Thouria, Meligala, Ari, Sperchogia etc.

The tourism season for Kalamata lasts almost all year. It is mostly popular as a destination in the weekends due to its proximity to Athens and its many attractions, such as the Church of the Savior, the Old Town, the Castle of Kalamata, the Archaeological Museum, the Dance Hall, the Train Museum.

Kalamata is widely known for the Kalamatianos dance and Kalamata olives and olive oil.

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