Athens Airport Transfer to Kastella

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Kastella is a district of Piraeus that includes the small port of Munichia or Tourkolimano. Kastellas Hill is about 90 meters high. In this district there were formerly magnificent villas, some of which last up to date.

The established committee in 1925 wanted to correct the names of various districts and places in Piraeus, so it renamed it to Munichia Hill, which was a part of within the city walls but became more known by the name of Prophet Ilias due to the homonymous church that is situated on top of the hill.

At the top of the hill there is a water tank for the water supply of the city and formerly the district was also known as “Sinikia Deksamenis” (“Reservoir District”). It is noted that locals call the eastern side of the hill Kastella, while the western side facing the city of Piraeus is called Prophet Ilias hill.

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