Athens Airport (ATH) transfer to/from Areopoli

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Areopoli (meaning the “city of Ares” the Greek War God), is a village in the Eastern Mani of Laconia of Peloponnese. It is a historic settlement, which maintained its independence during the Turkish occupation. It is a seat of the Municipality of Itilo and has been preserving the traditional color of Mani.

Formerly, the Areopolis community of Laconia’s Itilo province included also the villages and settlements of Dryalia, Kouskouni, Kralianika, Lagokoyili and Limeni. The population of Areopolis in 1950 was 1,380 and according to data from the National Statistical Service at the 2011 census it had 888 inhabitants. Private Tours

It has now become a flourishing town with tower houses, constructed with field stones, and now produces fine olive oil, cereals, and occupies its population with farming as well.