Athens Airport (ATH) transfer to/from Farsala

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Farsala, known in antiquity as Farsalos, is a semi-mountainous town of the Regional Unit of Larissa and is located at the southern end of the prefecture, at the edge of the Thessalian plain and at the northern terminals of Mount Nartaki, 45 km south of Larissa.

It is the administrative, financial and agricultural center of the homonymous province. Residents are engaged in agriculture, mainly cotton cultivation, livestock farming. Many locals also work in agricultural processing plants, such as textiles.

A very famous product throughout Greece and abroad is the local halvas Farsalon (a soapy traditional sweet) that we often find at various festivals. Their legumes are also very famous, and in particular, the famous lentils of Farsala, whose cultivation reached this semi-mountainous area.

The modern city is rather odd because of the catastrophes during World War II and the earthquakes that followed in the 1950s. Its layout is a mixture of the old city of Turkish occupation and the \”experiments\” of various municipal agents who have failed to succeed.

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