Athens Airport Transfer to/from Larisis Railway Station

Save Time and Energy: Effortless Athens Airport to Larisis Railway Station Transportation Solution

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Athens Railway Station is the main railway station of Athens. It is located in the central quarter of Kolonos.

It is the largest railway station in Greece and one of the largest in the Balkans. The station also serves Suburban Rail services and belongs to the Hellenic Railway Organization (OSE). It resulted from the merge of the city\’s two main railway terminals: the Larissa Station of the Piraeus-Platy railway and of the Peloponnese Station (Stathmos Peloponnisou) of the Piraeus-Patras railway line.

The station was inaugurated in its original form on June 30, 1884 with a building initially called “Peloponnese Station”, due to its rail-serving area. In 1904, the so-called “Larissa Station” was inaugurated at a very short distance from the Peloponnese Station. The original owner of Larissa Station was the Greek State Railways (SEK). It was informally named Larissa Station because it served the Athens rail link with Larissa. Larissa was the most important city near the north end of the railroad those years – but the north end of the line was actually Papapouli, near the Greek-Turkish border. The station is still colloquially known as “Larissa Station”, which is also the name of the Metro station situated there.

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