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Athens Airport (ATH) transfer to/from Kastoria

Experience the highest quality transfer services to and from Kastoria at the most competitive and transparent rates available. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of long waits at the airport or any other location. Enjoy a special discount on return bookings.
Kastoria, located in the western region of Macedonia, is a captivating city that serves as the seat of the municipality of Kastoria and the capital of the Kastoria Regional Unity. Situated on a peninsula surrounded by Lake Orestiada, at an impressive altitude of 703 meters above sea level, Kastoria is nestled between the majestic Vitsi and Grammos mountains. Its unique setting creates an island-like ambiance, connecting to the mainland via a narrow strip of land.
One of the city’s notable characteristics is its long-standing tradition in the art of fur, spanning over five hundred years. Fur has been an integral part of clothing, symbolizing nobility and social status. Renowned French traveler Antoine Olivier once described the Greeks, acknowledging their expertise in this craft.
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