Marina Zeas

Athens Airport Transfer to Marina Zeas

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Port Zea or formerly called Pasalimani is the second largest port of Piraeus in a circular shape.

In antiquity it was the largest of the three war ports of Athens, Zea, Munichia and Kantharos, and as a Greek territory in general as well. It had more neo-settlers comparing to the other two, in a radial arrangement on its beach.

This port was called Zea since the ancient Athenians, as it was verified by an inscription found at the port. There was a contract of “Zea Atticus Nautical Station”. The port was named after the homonymous cereal (Zea).

The port of Zea as well as the one of Munichia were entirely dedicated to Athens naval needs. They were preferred over the great port because of the better security provided by the supernatural hill of Munichia.

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