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Athens Airport (ATH) transfer to/from with Petralona

We provide the best quality transfer to/from Petralona at its best and transparent charges in the market, without the discomfort of you waiting much time at the airport, or anywhere else. Discount on return bookings.

Petralona is a district of Athens. It extends from Piraeus Street to Philopappou Hill and Hamosternas Street to Poulopoulos Bridge. It is located north of Tavros and Kallithea and on the east side it borders to Koukaki, northeast to Thisseio and to the northwest with Gazi. It is divided by the lines of Metro Line 1 in Ano and Kato Petralona. Ano Petralona is situated on the east side of the Metro and Kato Petralona is a congested densely populated area with low main buildings, which has undergone intense reconstruction since the 1950s. The district got its name because large stone threshers used by its inhabitants to thresh their grain used to be there.

The west part of the district used to be called Katsikadika (meaning goaty) in the old days because there were many goats wandering around on the streets with their shepherds to distribute milk to the locals.