Athens Airport Transfer to Skaramagas

Athens Airport (ATH) transfer to/from Skaramagas

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Skaramagas is a town in the west part of Athens and it has a population of 2.606 people. It is administratively owned by the Municipality of Chaidari. It is separated from Athens and Piraeus through the Aigaleo mountain.

An experiment called \”Archimedes through the Looking-Glass\” was deducted by the Greek scientist Ioannis Sakkas in the Skaramagas harbour, in 1973. The experiment was about the possibility to use focused sunlight as a \”heat ray\” to burn Roman ships, as during the Siege of Syracuse in 214-212 BC. This event is mentioned in ancient documents, but often doubted by modern historians. The setup of the experiment in 1973, at Skaramagas harbour, was 70 mirrors with a copper coating – as they were in Archimedes\’ time – and they focused enough sunlight to set fire on a plywood mock-up of a Roman warship at a distance of around 50 meters.

Skaramagas is served by two main highways, the Athens-Corinth Highway and the regional avenue of Schistou-Skaramaga, which starts from Keratsini. Until a few decades ago, the Skaramanga Coast was an area of recreation and swimming for the residents of Chaidari and the whole of Attica. The beach extends from the northern boundary of the Shipyards to the Athens-Corinth Highway.

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