Athens All Star Party

Athens All Star Party

Athens All Star Party - City Festival 2024

Athens All Star Party: A Highlight of This is Athens – City Festival 2024

Mark your calendars for June 2, as the Athens All Star Party makes its highly anticipated return, promising an unforgettable night under the stars. For the first time ever, the biggest promoters of Athens are joining forces to create one of the standout events of This is Athens – City Festival 2024. If you love music, dancing, and vibrant city vibes, this is an event you won’t want to miss.

Following the tremendous success of Street Outdoors and last year’s sensational final Sunday, the Athens All Star Party is set to elevate the festival experience even further. The event will transform the Lycabettus Hill parking lot into a massive open-air dance floor, offering breathtaking panoramic views of Athens. Imagine dancing the night away with the illuminated cityscape as your backdrop—a truly magical experience.

The energy and atmosphere at the Athens All Star Party will be electric, with top DJs spinning a mix of house, techno, and eclectic beats to keep the crowd moving. As the music pulses through the night, partygoers will be immersed in a vibrant, communal celebration of music and life. The event promises not only an auditory feast but also a visual one, with impressive light shows and installations adding to the festive ambiance.

Other Must-Attend Parties of This is Athens – City Festival 2024

The Athens All Star Party is just one of the many exciting events lined up for the This is Athens – City Festival 2024. Here are some other parties you definitely should not miss:

  • Gyzi Street Party by Reverb | May 9, 2024
    Head to Gyzi for an eclectic mix of music and community vibes, brought to you by the dynamic team at Reverb.

  • Yucatan @Klafthmonos Square | May 10, 2024
    Experience the lively atmosphere of Klafthmonos Square with Yucatan, known for their vibrant and energetic parties.

  • Kypseli Beat | May 11, 2024
    Join the Kypseli Beat for a night of rhythmic beats and urban sounds, capturing the spirit of one of Athens’ most culturally rich neighborhoods.

  • Varvakios: The Party | May 11, 2024
    Dive into the heart of Athens with Varvakios: The Party, where the historic Varvakios Market becomes the stage for an unforgettable night.

  • Street Outdoors @Koumoundourou | May 12, 2024
    Return to Koumoundourou with Street Outdoors for another round of infectious grooves and a lively street party atmosphere.

  • Santaroza Beat Weekend | May 18-19, 2024
    A weekend-long celebration at Santaroza, featuring non-stop music and entertainment for all to enjoy.

  • Street Outdoors @Parko Eleftherias | May 18, 2024
    Parko Eleftherias will come alive with Street Outdoors’ signature blend of beats, bringing the park’s serene surroundings into a vibrant dance space.

  • Shedia Home Street Party | May 26, 2024
    Support a good cause while enjoying great music at the Shedia Home Street Party, combining social awareness with entertainment.

  • Pride Radio Street Party | May 31, 2024
    Celebrate diversity and inclusion with the Pride Radio Street Party, a colorful and joyous event that embraces everyone.

Join the Festivities

All events, including the Athens All Star Party, are free of charge, ensuring that everyone can join in the fun. This is Athens – City Festival 2024 promises a series of exhilarating events that highlight the city’s dynamic culture and vibrant nightlife.

For more information and the full schedule of events, visit the official This is Athens – City Festival website. Don’t miss out on this spectacular celebration of music, community, and the unique spirit of Athens!

Prepare yourself for a month of unforgettable parties, incredible music, and a celebration that captures the heart and soul of Athens. See you on the dance floor!

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Athens All Star Party

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